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Mario Kart Wii Birthday

Rachael L By Rachael L  in Birthday


Party Recap

invitation held inside a 1 to 1 scale Wii remote printed on cardstock
printable .pdf can be found at (also image credit)

~ Mario Kart races in box Karts begun with checkered flags
~ coin battles
~ awards lineup with party poppers showered on the racers
~ Mario Kart adapted pinata
~ treat time
~ gift opening

~ Mario Kart game music on a loop

Menu: a dessert table consisting of
~ sugar cookie Nintendo stars
~ moose munch chocolate popcorn
~ Jelly Belly beans
~ Jelly Belly sodas
~ toadstool pops made of marshmallows, donut holes, candy melts and white chocolate chips
~ funfetti cupcakes with green buttercream frosting

~ Mario caps with mustaches and boxes of Mario 3D gummy candies



  • Corey  T

    Corey T wrote:

    Great details! Love the little toadstool pops. :)

  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    Great party! The photos are wonderful! Also I love how you always add all your details for people (like me) to read. I want a toadstool pop. Were they tasty? -- Jillian (Catch My Party)

  • Kelly M

    Kelly M wrote:

    Love the set up with the sky and everything

  • Judi M

    Judi M wrote:

    Where did you find these hats?

  • Rachael L

    Rachael L wrote:

    Hi Judi, The hats were actually from Dollar Tree, and then I just used white felt and fabric glue to finish them off.

  • Alix W

    Alix W wrote:

    I love the hats and want to re create it. Where did you purchase them??

  • Rachael L

    Rachael L wrote:

    Thanks Alix. The hats were actually a lucky find at DollarTree, and then I bought white felt to cut out the M's (a circle, with the M in negative, so the red shows through) and used fabric glue to adhere. If not the dollar store, I know Oriental Trading Co. has caps, but I'm not sure about the availability or price of certain colors.

  • no photo

    Shequana D wrote:

    I'm trying to figure out how can i get this wii invitations

  • Rachael L

    Rachael L wrote: is where I got the free printable, and all credit goes to his site. I just used it as a 3D envelope and inserted the invitation inside

  • Rachel G

    Rachel G wrote:

    Hi, I love everything about this party!!! I was unable to access the pdf file for the wii invitation, do you have another link for it? Thanks so much, Rachel

  • Rachael L

    Rachael L wrote:

    Thanks Rachel. Unfortunately, I wonder if that link is outdated. When I posted, it brought you to the wii remote, but I can't find it on his site now either. And I also did not save the .pdf to be able to share with or without permission. My best idea is to email Anthony directly and see if he would be magnanimous enough to share. Judging from his website, he's a pretty cool guy. Happy hunting!

  • Fifty Shades O

    Fifty Shades O wrote:

    Hi can you please email the info to order or create these Wii invitations. [email protected] Thanks look forward to hearing from you.