Party Recap

I had so much fun planning for the party, everyone enjoyed the outdoor and all where having fun, my whole family came from egypt to be with us and it was a day to remember


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    yummy finger food

  • What People Drank

    spoft drinks and juices



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    Naz N wrote:

    Hi- I'm thinking of having my daughters 4th birthday party @ Al Barsha park, and would love to hear from you, as to how I can go about arranging it. How did u get permission etc- did u use a party planning company (for tables, chairs setup?) or do it all yourself? Really would appreciate any tips, advice or ideas you can give me- Marina mum Naz xxx

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    Bothayna S wrote:

    Hello Naz well first happy birthday for ur LO about the barsha park you don't need permission you just email the park manager informing them about the date and the place that's it i know they allow bringing anything except for bouncy castles and such huge stuff i didn't use any planning services cause i started planning long before the date (you know how exciting to have the 1st birthday) so i made alot of researches and made everything by myself basically it was easy for me i arranged for everything to be delivered the food and the chairs everything hubby only had to go pick up the cake and balloons i made the banner and the goody bags and some salads and that's it i had the workers at the park help before and after and tipd them at the end everybody was happy and the weather was amazing wish your would be great one too let me know if you have any other questions bothayna xxx

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    Bothayna S wrote:

    also check my page for decorating ideas and cute giveaways https://www.facebook.com/PrettyScraps

  • Doaa S

    Doaa S wrote:

    Hi Bothyna mashallah I really like ur birthday party at barsha park but I wonder from where did u get the kids chairs and also the what is the managers email addresss

  • Sanya B

    Sanya B wrote:

    Hey amazing setup...can u please tell me who did all the arrangments for u ? Any contact number if u can provide

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    Aisha A wrote:

    Hey nice party! :) can you please give me email address of the park manager? I want to plan my 1 year old's birthday there :) thanks in advance