Party Recap

What a magical day at this unicorn birthday party. When guests arrived, they were greeted by a welcome sign and taken over to the "be a unicorn" station where they could pick out their very own horn and tail to wear. Then they were asked to find their unicorn name by looking at a sign I made that told them their unique unicorn name.

Next we went to the "adopt a unicorn" station where guests were able to pick their favorite unicorn to take home with them. The unicorns were handmade in all different colors.

We served unicorn cupcakes, unicorn horns, uni-berries (strawberries that looked like unicorns) and used lots of unicorns and banners for party decorations.

The kids were allowed to "make your own magic" at our bead station. We had beads in small cups and elastic string ready to hand each child so they could make necklaces.

No party is complete without a pinata. Our pinata was a very big purple unicorn that the kids loved.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    cupcakes with golden unicorns on them unicorn horns (bugles) unicorn fur (cotton candy) unicorn bark (colorful candy melts) Uni-berries (strawberries) cookies rainbow seeds (skittles) unicorn lollipops uni-popcorn

  • What People Drank

    rainbow juice (hugs) unicorn cocoa water

  • Desserts


  • Party Favors

    handmade unicorns unicorn horns unicorn tails

  • Activities / Games

    What's your unicorn name? dress up like a unicorn (with horns and tails) make your own magic (make bracelets) unicorn coloring sheets


Party Helpers

  • Selena McIntyre

    Party Planner, Designer


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