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Maddox's Winnie the Pooh 1st Birthday

no photo By Alicia P  in Birthday


Party Recap

A sweet Winnie the Pooh themed birthday party. Party featured many homemade elements inspired by the beloved childhood storybook.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    People ate "Pooh Honey Bee Cupcakes", "Hundred Acre Wood Acorns", "Rabbit's Vegetable Garden", "Kanga and Roo Pita Pocket Sandwiches", "Piglets in a Blanket", and "Tigger Tail Pasta Salad"

  • What People Drank

    "Eeyore's Cloudy Day Punch"

  • Desserts

    Honey Bee Cupcakes, Hundred Acre Wood Acorns (nutter butter cookie minis with hershey kisses melted on top)

  • Party Favors

    Honey Butter in cute mason Jars

  • Activities / Games

    Croquet, Balloon Pop, Bubbles, Pinata


Party Helpers

  • Emily Dean


    Sweet Photographer captured photos of our little one's special day.



  • no photo

    Sarah S wrote:

    What vendor did you use for cake topper

  • no photo

    Alicia P wrote:

    I don’t remember right off hand because it was several years ago. It was from someone on Etsy. I just searched Pooh fondant cake toppers. Hope that helps.

  • Cheyenne M

    Cheyenne M wrote:

    Where did you find these illustrations

  • no photo

    Alicia P wrote:

    I don’t quite remember which website exactly because it’s been a while since I did them. I would recommend googling “vintage Winnie the Pooh artwork” or something along those lines. I printed the vintage black and white artwork I found, then I just did a light watercolor wash over the prints to add a spot of color. Then mounted the art on foamcore board and cut them out. Hope that helps you.

  • no photo

    Francisca L wrote:

    Where are these cupcake liners from? They are perfect!

  • Alicia P

    Alicia P wrote:

    You can find them on Amazon. Wilton Petal Grass Shaped Baking Cups, 24-Pack

  • no photo

    Amy M wrote:

    Hi! I know this party was now almost 10-years ago :) But do you remember where you found the place cards for the food? I have done an in-depth search & cannot come across that vintage art work. Love it!! Thanks!

  • no photo

    Alicia P wrote:

    I cut down some textured card stock to the size I wanted then did a quick watercolor wash over them (in green or brown). I found some vintage winnie the pooh stamps online and used them to stamp the picture, then just handwrote the food name. Try etsy or ebay for the vintage stamps.