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Mad scientist party

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Party Recap

Hi there! On this last Saturday we celebrate the fourth anniversary of Bernardo and the theme of the party was Mad Scientist Party!
My husband is a teacher at a university laboratory, so I decided to make a tribute to him.
The proposal was to introduce children to the world of science and the response could not be better, everyone loved!
Many experiments were done and the party became a big lab! It was so much fun! the kids went crazy, LOL!
My son was very happy with his party and for moments like these every effort pays off.
It was a memorable day that deserves to be immortalized on this blog so inspiring!
I hope you enjoy it as much as you did with the another ones and also selected this one as a party of the day :)
At last but not least, these are the friends who helped me once again to do it all.
Party Style & Concept: Susan Macieira e Fatima Prado da Faegi Personalizados e Soluções para Festas
Decoration: Thais Montechiari da Bisou Atelier
Tableware, trays, cake stands: Susan Macieira Locações para Festas
Children party favors: Thaise Santos, Debora Guedes, Priscila Mayer
Scrap designer: Fatima Prado
Backdrop: Renata Rsign
Buffet: Michele Pinheiro
Photography: Silvia Merhy
Modelled Sweets, Cakepops, cupcakes, lollipops, cake in jar, brownie, desserts, treats, cookies, macarrons: Bia Doces e Chocolates, Flavia Camacho Tucker, Larissa Fleming, Jacyara David, Renata Morais Campelo, Maura Diniz, Jessica Milagres, Karynah Sardinha, Tatiana Lessa de Paula Frazão, Camila Marçal Alvarez Franco, Marcelle Castro Macedo, Alexandra Baffa, Candy Way, Stephany Oliveira
Stand up and display: Vivian Cordeiro Vellasco
Centerpieces - Felt: Claudia Frugoli Leitão
Rag dolls: TuttiPano Por Tânia Lobato e Juliana Fabre
Candy buffet: Priscila Mayer
Crepes on a stick, chocolate fountain, savoury: Fernanda Tavares, Laís Lima, Thais Latini, Ingrid Fernandes Nascimento, Mariana Araújo
Tables: Festas Cleans and All Day Locações
Cake designer: Jacyara David
Cold Porcelain: Fabricia Vitoria Leonardo Pimenta e Natalia Soares
Playground, Play toy, snacks buffet: Alegria Festas e Eventos São Gonçalo da Dani Maciel
Mad scientist actor: Lia Freitas Entertainment
Balloons: Paula Mendes

Kids Entertainment: Leonardo Nobre

Popsicles: Picolé Caseiro Do Campo

Kids costumes: Maria Helena Rodrigues e Jac Ferreira



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