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1. The (brief) story of how you met/fell in love:
It’s been about 20 years now that we’ve known one another. We met through mutual friends. Funny, because when we initially met, we weren’t too fond of each other. I didn’t like him much and it didn’t help that he always made fun of me yet we knew there was always something there. Dislike turned into flirting and that turned into love. It wasn’t an easy love story by any means; timing never seemed right. If I’m single, he would be in a relationship and if he was single, I would be in one. We kind of lost hope and we both went our own ways. It wasn’t until about 8 years later that we happened to be at an event, at the same time. Both single. I realized even after all those years, I was still so in love with him. I mentioned him to a friend that night who happened to also know Travis very well. That friend pushed me into him and we’ve been inseperable ever since.

2. Did you always know you wanted to have a destination wedding? (please elaborate):
No. Travis always said, if he was to ever get married, he wanted to get married by the beach. I wanted a more intimate ceremony therefore a destination wedding seemed like a perfect compromise.

3. What made you choose your resort/destination?
Dreams Playa Mujeres was beautiful! We loved the clean, white sand and that it was very family friendly. We have three kids and we wanted our guests to be able to bring theirs, like a mini-family getaway while also attending our wedding. The best part about this resort, they offered a free complimentary stay for kids between 2-12 years old with any two paying adults! That was a big plus for us. Our guests were in awe by this resort and loved every minute of it.

4. How did you personalize your ceremony and reception?
I wanted our ceremony and the reception to be romantic and elegant yet simple. Less is always more, we’ve learned.

For the ceremony, we did simple white drapes with the elegance of a chandelier as well as rose petals to add in our wedding colors and make it a little more romantic.

For the reception, we kept it pretty simple as well. The bridesmaids white rose bouquets were my centerpieces and I had them place few diamond crystals that I brought from home onto the table to add a little elegance and sparkle.

Both ceremony and reception had pictures of us. I made our own seating chart and name placecards on the tables to make our guests feel important and special (because they are). It’s the simple things, really.

5. The funniest or most unusual moment was when…
Our wedding party was introduced at the reception with C Breezy “Post to be” and each couple had handfuls of fake $100 bills! They pretty much made it rain as they danced their way into the party. The little ones loved it as they were so busy picking up those fake dollar bills.

6. The most memorable moment was when…
We added a water drum show at the end of our reception! BEST SHOW EVER!! It was August in Mexico and it was so hot. Everyone was drinking, laughing and having so much fun. As they were setting up, our guests were super curious. Nobody knew how crazy the night was going end. The drum show was so awesome, our whole party was screaming and dancing. The videos are hilarious. We even had other guests from the resort looking over from the balcony and people walking by, stopping to watch. From our parents, to our friends and the kids, everyone, including me in my wedding dress, was soaked from head to toe by the end of the night! Loved it!

7. Three words that sum up your destination wedding experience are:
Travis – “Most LIT Wedding” haha…

Beautiful. Magical. Fun.

8. Besides the wedding itself, what was your favorite part of your trip? Did you do any activities with your guests?

We planned and prepaid an excursion to Isla Mujeres for about 20 people. Travis and I have been there once and the ocean was so beautiful. We wanted our families and friends to experience that beauty. On the way, people had the chance to snorkel if they chose to. Food was provided and tons of shopping. We took golf carts to the end of the island where the water was so clear and so beautiful! Everyone was impressed.

9. If you could travel anywhere for your one-year anniversary, where would it be and why?
Philippines. Travis is half American and the other half, Filipino. We recently connected with his biological father and he currently resides in the Phillipines. It would be nice to visit as well as see where his other side of the family came from. We’ve heard so many beautiful things and this is actually on our list of places to visit! We actually wanted to honeymoon in the Philippines.

If Philippines doesn’t happen, we will be back to Mexico! We would like to see and experience other Dreams Resorts.

10. What would be your biggest piece of advice to future couples planning a destination wedding?
Relax. No matter what, it will be beautiful! We tend to forget that they do this all the time, even multiple weddings a day. They know exactly what they are doing and when that day comes, everything will be so magical and perfect.
To be honest, we didn’t have the best experience. The location didn’t match up. We didn’t get the package we hoped to get. The original decorations we wanted were costly. My husband’s suit color was even wrong and we didn’t hear from our wedding planner in over a month and she was our third wedding planner within the year. We went in blindsided and struggled a bit to get through it. We actually almost cancelled the whole thing. Don’t give up! We didn’t. We decided what happens, happens. Let’s make the best of our situation. We knew we love each other and we wanted to get married, that was our end result. If people didn’t know the struggles we went through, they would’ve thought we planned the PERFECT wedding. But no, that perfect wedding happened to fall into place… & it was such a magical evening. We loved everything. Our guests couldn’t stop complimenting on how beautiful and perfect our wedding was and when people at home saw our pictures and videos through social media, they were in awe! People couldn’t stop talking about their experience even after we got home. Few friends have already asked for our advice because they too want to do a destination wedding inspired by ours. In the end, we pulled through, got married and had a perfect wedding surrounded by all our loved ones!


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