Luke's Mountain Man Lumberjack First Birthday

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Party Recap

If you can imagine if the Bounty Paper Towel guy threw his own birthday party, it would look like this. Maybe not as adorable, but I have to imagine it would be just as clean!

The twins went to their cousin's first birthday and it absolutely set the bar for their first birthday party in a couple of months.

The Birthday Boy's Mom explained the thought behind the theme was not be “Disney”: “I wanted something not mainstream, it was a unique theme that let everyone dress up. The guests only needed to wear a plaid shirt and crafting for the event was really easy.”

Crafts included centerpieces with pine cones, runners with the red plaid pattern to match the birthday boy and his parent's outfits along with Mountain Man/ Forrest items sprinkled throughout the party. There was attention to detail everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere! Even the notes letting guests know of the septic system was in keeping with the Mountain Man theme!

Guests has two options for pictures: the first was a traditional photo backdrop made of burlap.

Photo props included hat cut outs and other manly, forrest-y items. The other option was a camping vignette which included tents, real axes to chop wood and a camping grill.

Achieving the overall look at the event was the biggest priority for the Birthday Boy's Mom, which she definitely accomplished. From the cupcake display, to the Flapjack station, to the guests dressing up, everything came together pretty seamlessly. The look was seamless, however, the time it took to put it together was not an easy task. I knew when my sister left our beach trip two days early to go back and work on the party, there was going to be a lot for her take finish, and that was the biggest lesson she learned. “Future parties will definitely by scaled down,” she explained.

In the meantime, they'll still have these adorable pictures!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Flapjacks, Cider, and bountiful cupcakes!

  • What People Drank

    Cider, and beer

  • Desserts



Party Helpers

  • Scripted Ever After


    Jamie with Scripted Ever After created the custom invitations, which really helped set the theme for the afternoon!


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