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Lucky to be Loved

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Party Recap

Lucky to be Loved” – A St. Patrick’s Day Party (A styled party for Southern Child Magazine)

When I created this party, I wanted to teach my kids a little bit about a holiday celebrated in another culture. My son’s best friend is part Irish, so I thought this was a perfect time for him to learn a little more about his best buddy. I researched and found that St. Patrick’s Day was not only about luck, shamrocks and four leaf clovers, but that it was also about Faith, Hope, Love, and Happiness. I really wanted to show that aspect of it. This is how the theme “Lucky to be Loved” was born. One interpretation of the four leaf clover is that each leaf stands for faith, hope, love and happiness.

The Party
Décor- I went for a “traditional” St. Patrick’s Day palette. I wanted it vibrant, so I used many gold accents and different greens.
I reused many items that I had around my house, including the lanterns and spray painted EVERYTHING!
Food- I wanted the kids to have treats, but I wanted there to be a little balance. I mean it is a party, but we are parents FIRST! So, I opted for broccoli and snow peas with ranch dressing and bacon bits and green apples as a healthy snack (and they REALLY ate it). They also had candy covered marshmallows, cupcakes, green candy covered popcorn and rock candy….Yummy Yummy!
The cupcakes were made by the decorator at my local Publix grocery store. I made the popcorn, and marshmallows and bought rock candy from the craft store!
My FAVORITE element was “Pin the Wish on the Clover,” the kids also played with “Wish Wands,” and balloons as they ran through the wind…and it was soooo cold that day. They played football and rolled down the hill! They had a great time!

We came up with the concept, did the styling, photography and printables. Publix made the cupcakes!


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