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Sophia's Lucky St. Patrick Bask

Chiquita Party Boutique By Chiquita Party Boutique   in Birthday


Party Recap

This lucky party was designed specifically for Sophia’s 4th Birthday celebration and inspired by “St. Patrick day”, Sophia’s lucky birthday day!

Invitations with the expression,” Sophia’s Lucky date” were sent to each guest, giving it a feel of “Lucky Golden Memories”

St. Patrick green colors were used and framed with different patterns, to give it a solid and fun background. Indeed the ambiance felt comforting but it was totally entertaining for all invitees!

A wide array of sweets where gently designed and displayed without losing the lucky ambiance proper to St. Patrick’s day. Pretty little details surprised Sophia’s’ friends and family, as a wide selection of candies where offered such as goodie bags, jar tags, marshmallows, chocolate cookies, popcorn, gold foil wrapped mini Hershey’s, and gold chocolate coins all over the place. The entire decor was provided and custom made by Chiquita Party Boutique.

Chiquita Party Boutique is a place where you can find beautiful, brilliant custom made ideas for any event and are very chic and elegant. They have a Facebook page where you can see how creative they are. You will love it!


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