Party Recap

This was a race to the finish line! My boy is incredibly obsessed with all things Cars, there is no way that I was going to get away with just a Race Cars party, it had to be Cars!! So we went with it and created a very special party with some of the most important elements of the theme. Piston Cups, McQueen's Eyes Props, Lightning Crazy Tongue Candy, Ramone's Body Art Tatoo Shop, Flo's V8 Fueling Station, just to name a few. In the end the champion was my Lorenzo, who enjoyed every minute of his party!



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    Angela W wrote:

    are these free printables?

  • Solimar M

    Solimar M wrote:

    Sorry Angela, no these aren't. But I would be more than happy to make a personalized batch if you are interested;)

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    Lestari B wrote:

    Hi, where did you get the toolbox for the favor? Thanks.