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This Evil Eye Accessory is the perfect gift for anyone who wishes to feel protected.

In many cultures around the world, the symbol of the "Evil Eye" is said to bring protection.
The dark blue color seeks to bring good luck and karma.

This air freshener also features a tiny golden "Hamsa" charm carrying a blue bead.

The Hamsa is also a symbol of protection.

★The air freshener is affixed with a colored string (colors vary) for easily hanging from your car mirror.

★Choose unscented and add your own scent with perfume or essential oils
choose Scented which features a tropical scent.

Scented fresheners come with a vial of extra scent so you can refresh as needed.

★The air freshener features the same image on the front and back.

★Get one for yourself to bring you good luck and ward off bad vibes and give one to a friend to let them know that you wish them well!