Party Recap

DIY Baby Shower I threw for my little sister. Everything was hand-made, which made this party very wallet-friendly. My sister wanted bright colors, so I did a lot of pink and green; and she's decorating her nursey in damask, so I tried to incorporate some damask as well. I wanted my sister to have some ways to remember the day that were actually functional, so I made her a thumbprint tree guest book that she is going to hang in the nursery, the guests all drew an alphabet picture that is going to be turned into an ABG book for the new baby, and every guest was asked to bring a book (new or used) with an inscription for baby instead of a card. The party turned out awesome, and other than a non-operational air conditioning the day of, everything went really well.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Grandma made regular chicken salad and chicken curry sandwiches. As well as broccoli salad, fruit salad, and broccoli/bacon/egg muffins.

  • What People Drank

    Fruit punch and water with strawberries, limes, and cucumbers.

  • Desserts

    My sister's friends made her a super cute two-tiered owl cake. We also had oreo truffles, peanut butter and pretzel truffles, flower cookies, and owl cupcakes.

  • Party Favors

    Everyone had a hand-painted, personalized wine glass that they got to take home. We also gave out nail polishes with a little tag on them, and fabric diapers with hershey's kisses.

  • Activities / Games

    Guests were asked to fill out a paper leaf with some advice for the mom to be and then hang it on a tree. Also, guests picked a letter from the alphabet book and were asked to draw a picture that started with that letter, which will be turned into an ABC book for baby Malia. We played a game where each guest was given a paper plate that they then placed on their head, and were given 45 seconds to draw a baby; Mom-to-be then picked the best drawing. Lastly, guests filled out blank bingo cards with possible gifts the mom would open and then crossed them off if the mom received them. First mom to get bingo, won a prize.

  • Budget

    I was in charge of decorations, and hand-made everything....so I spent a little less than $200.


Party Helpers

  • Grandma


    Grandma made all the delicious food for the party!


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