Party Recap

Logan is crazy about dragons and dinosaurs! And so it was easy to decide his birthday theme. The week of the party, the weather in South Florida was perfect: sunny and cool. But when the weekend came around, it was pouringgggg!!!! I was so devastated! We've been planning for months and got the backyard remodeled and everything. I had to cancel the dinosaur bounce house and other rentals and we made the most out of it in my mother's house. I made use of his dinosaur toys and laid them all over the house. We served the usual traditional Filipino dishes and dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets for the kids. And the cake, of course, was from Publix. My mother saw this dinosaur and it was small but it was a perfect centerpiece among the cupcakes topped with rubbery dinosaur toys. Everyone had a great time. And it in the end, it didn't matter that there was a "hurricane" outside. Logan loved every moment.


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