Party Recap

My Twins wanted an Angry Bird Party which was a challenge because there is not much you can purchase in the stores. We made all of the decorations and the kids said it was the best party they have had yet.



  • Jennifer M

    Jennifer M wrote:

    HI how did you make the cupcake stand ? what size boards ? thanks

  • Katrina G

    Katrina G wrote:

    Hi Jennifer, I just used random pieces of 2x4's and other wood pieces. I had a friend nail it all together for me and then we applied a light coat of brown spray paint. I wanted the wood to still show through. It turned out so good,and I got so many compliments and it really cost nothing cause I had all the scraps and paint just lying around. Thanks for your interest :D Katrina

  • no photo

    Liz G wrote:

    Awesome idea!