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Hayden's 7th Birthday

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Party Recap

This theme was a huge hit with the kids. We played Piggy Bowling, had an Egg Hunt, did Egg Shooters, made Bird Feeders and of course the feature of the day was the full size Sling Shot that my husband built! Unfortunately our party was right in the middle of little league games, so many guests could only stay a short while. By the end of the party everyone was all smiles. The birthday boy and his "dudes" had an awesome time!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We went with a "Piggy Food vs. Bird Food" theme for the eats. The Piggy Food consisted of chicken nuggets, pizza pockets, mini corn dogs and doritos. For the Bird Food we did fruit skewers with yogurt dip, cherry tomato skewers with ranch, trail mix, pretzels with gummy worms and bird nests with "eggs".

  • What People Drank

    I found this great recipe for party punch off of Pinterest. I didn't realize until after the party that in my haste to get things finished before the guests arrived, I did not make the punch correctly. Thankfully the final product that the guests LOVED! We put the punch in a water cooler with a spout for easy dispensing and also had water bottles. We called the drink table the "Bird Bath".

  • Desserts

    My son loves chocolate and bananas. I wanted to have a little surprise for the kids in the cupcakes, so we decided to go with a banana cake filled with chocolate ganache and vanilla bean BC frosting. The cake batter was separated into three equal parts and tinted to Red, Yellow and Blue for the "Bird" colors. We also made the piggy cupcakes- vanilla with the chocolate ganache fill and key lime frosting. I made cupcake liners that featured 5 of the birds and some of the piggy's.

  • Party Favors

    Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the favor baskets. I found some great green baskets at the $1 store and filled them with: a paddle ball, pencils, Honey Maid Angry Bird graham crackers, Angry Bird tattoo, blow pops and a movie theater size box of Hot Tamales that I wrapped in brown paper with TNT label.

  • Activities / Games

    We had a lot of kids that had to leave 45 min into the party due to little league games, so there was a lot to do in such a small time frame. The highlight of the party was the sling shot that my husband made. It was definitely a hit! We also played Piggy Bowling, Egg Shooters, made Bird Feeders and had an Egg Hunt.



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    I would never have thought to ask a restaurant!

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    what an awesome game!

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    That is such a great idea for an activity/party favor! Great job!