Party Recap

We celebrated 6 months of little Evie's life with a pink and red little lady ladybug 1/2 birthday party (we'll use any excuse to have a party!). I did the decor and total budget was $30. Not sure how much Mom spend on food, but all the food was or had pink/red.

For more details, or to see other events I've done, please visit my website at www.marigoldmom.com


Party Helpers



  • Iheartparties U

    Iheartparties U wrote:

    Adorable! Love this idea!

  • Keren T

    Keren T wrote:

    Estos como se hacen???

  • Amy S

    Amy S wrote:

    how did u make these?

  • Amy S

    Amy S wrote:

    how did u make the sandwiches?

  • angiekay79@gmail.com

    The sandwiches were made with nutella, cut strawberries and a cookie cutter.

  • Mary A

    Mary A wrote:

    I am doing a ladybug 1st birthday party and wood love to do these lanterns for it.. How do I make them and what will I need. Did yours light up?

  • angiekay79@gmail.com

    Hi Mary, My lanterns did not light up; they were regular paper lanterns from a party store. A tutorial can be found at http://marigoldmom.com/?p=4347.

  • Marzen L

    Marzen L wrote:

    Hi! these are adorable. How do you make these?

  • angiekay79@gmail.com

    Marzen, there is a tutorial at http://marigoldmom.com/?p=4347