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Little Laaya's Fairy Butterfly First Birthday

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Party Recap

Lovely Laaya’s first birthday was a whimsical, rustic affair with a few girly touches. Well, maybe more than a few.
The party was held at a park set in the hills above Los Angeles, so keeping we didn’t want to fight the scenery. We used burlap to cover the picnic tables, then made runners using pieces of moss. We picked up some small logs from a local firewood store and cut them down to use as part of the tablescape. Floral putty was used to attached red gerbera daisies and butterflies to the logs and yellow ranunculas in small vases gave pops of color. Using full sheets of red & yellow tissue paper, we made giant flowers to frame the dining area and dessert table. Butterfly vines were strung from giant balloons that marked the party area.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    A mobile pizza oven company kept guests noshing all day. Salads and fruit were some of the healthier options.Sticks found in the woods were used to create frames for custom signs and fairies were attached to keep the theme alive.

  • What People Drank

    Mason jars dispensed minty lemonade and blueberry watermelon punch for the kids. Adult beverages and the standard non-alcoholic drinks kept the guests hydrated.

  • Desserts

    The dessert table was nestled into a trio of trees connected by a butterfly vine. A floral & moss covered “1” hung behind the table. Wood disks and logs served as “platters” and display pieces for the fairy topped cupcakes. The woodland fairy cake… oh my… a work of art. An ice cream truck also made frozen coffee shakes and provided lots of cold treats on the hot day.

  • Party Favors

    In addition to their painted masterpieces, kids took home coloring books and tree themed colored pencils.

  • Activities / Games

    While the babies were mesmerized by a music company (bubbles!!!), older kids of all ages were invited to flit about the park. Needless to say, the entertainment needed to cover a lot of energy levels. A couple coaches came to play sports & games in the open area and a gymnastics & dance company kept the girls flexible and entertained. When they got tired of running around, the kids got busy painting wood treasure chests and paper mache animals that they could take home.


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