Party Recap

My son turned one this past summer, and we wanted to throw a special party for him. He had been born 2 months premature, and the first few weeks of his life were spent in the NICU. So, needless to say, I wanted this party to be perfect! :) He is my little cupcake!!



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    Angela W wrote:

    How do you make blue lemonade?

  • Tara O

    Tara O wrote:

    Hi Angela, I actually used Blue Raspberry Kool-Aid to make this!! It was very good.

  • Sandy B

    Sandy B wrote:

    I love this party! The colors are awesome and those centerpieces are so clever! Love the backdrop!

  • Tara O

    Tara O wrote:

    Thanks so much, Sandy!! It was a fun party!! P.S. The backdrop is a tablecloth, from Target!! :)

  • Giulliana G

    Giulliana G wrote:

    did you buy this or make them?

  • Tara O

    Tara O wrote:

    I made them!! I used Martha Stewart's tutorial, and they were very easy!! http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/article/pom-poms-and-luminarias