Party Recap

This little cupcake's party consisted of a scrapbook table and cupcake decorating table for guests to enjoy!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We had cupcake galore! Fruit, Veggies, Popcorn, and cupcake cookies!

  • What People Drank

    Punch, McAlister's Sweet Tea, and water!

  • Best Moment

    Elaina refused to "dig in" to her jumbo cupcake cake! She DOES NOT like to get messy! Rare for a one-year-old! :) We had to help her get her hands in the icing and she was not happy afterwards!

  • Funniest Moment

    Elaina was given a neat rocking horse that makes noises by her grandparents! When I went to set her on it right after opening it, she screeched and tensed up! She has refused to sit on it so far! HA!

  • Most Touching Moment

    While opening gifts, Elaina gave kisses to the baby dolls and stuff animals she was given!

  • Best Dressed

    Elaina of course!! :P

  • Party Favors

    The kiddos took home bags of goodies including juice boxes, fruit snacks, crayons, and coloring notepads!

  • Activities / Games

    We had a scrapbook table for guests to design a scrapbook page for Elaina's baby scrapbook. Also, a cupcake decorating table for our guests to enjoy!

  • Budget

    $$$........ :P But a lot was handmade by me!



  • Amy B

    Amy B wrote:

    Love this... what is the backdrop and table skirt made from?

  • Michelle V

    Michelle V wrote:

    The backdrop is made of yarn and tied on stretchy headband material that I buy online. The table skirt is tulle and tied onto a thinner stretchy headband material. I bought stretchy sequin for the trimming and hot glued it on after. Completely no-sew!

  • Valeria R

    Valeria R wrote:


  • Sophie M

    Sophie M wrote:

    This is so adorable. I'm getting ideas for my baby's first bday party. What was your budget?