Party Recap

My niece requested this special theme for her eleventh birthday party, and of course I couldn’t wait to get started. And I knew, if she wanted this theme, there had to be a whole herd of other pre-teens that would like it too!

After coming up with an adorable alpaca illustration (that also looks like Llama Party Decorations), I added in some cute cacti and a yarn tassel garland. Our Alpaca’s “saddle blanket” was downright whimsical, so I pulled those details to use as an overall background pattern for the party decorations. The colors I chose are bright and fun, and seriously who knew that I would walk into the craft store and find the exact shade of yarn for some tassels? Our party table had everything we needed for our birthday celebration! A couple of snacks (popcorn and yogurt parfaits), bottles of water, party favors and some sweet treats – homemade treats no less! The layer cake was made by the birthday mom (funfetti cake, with can of frosting!) the brownie bites and fruity pebbles treats were made by the birthday girl’s cousin (my 15 yo daughter). Do you believe it?!

Knowing ahead of time that we would be showcasing these Alpaca Birthday Party ideas on the blog, I wanted to be sure that everything we featured was easy, inexpensive and accessible. Let’s start with the printable kit. At $19.95 you cant go wrong! This is an PDF that you can type in your child’s name and age and any other detail you want, print, cut and put together with tape. Yes, you’ll need paper and a color printer, but these things too are totally doable! Now, after you print and cut your way into an alpaca frenzy, hit Michaels for those white scalloped stand frames, the yarn and some lollipop sticks for affixing the adorable alpaca silhouette shapes included in the printable kit. What else? Ring pops from Smart and Final as party favors – oh and the potted succulents came from there too! I do have a few cake stands in my pantry that I use for almost every party – white cake stands can be used again and again! And that sweet little kid’s chair where the cake is… Ikea!

Let’s talk venue. Our birthday girl had her heart set on an alpaca painting art project at their local studio, and when she asked the owner for her special theme, they bent over backwards to accommodate! I can’t say enough about the South Bay Art Department, friendly, flexible and a great space! Seriously awesome, especially since we didn’t have to clean the brushes.

After alpaca painting, the girls had lunch (pizza delivery!) then we sang the birthday song and ate all the desserts. All the girls got to take home their painted masterpiece, and that ring pop party favor.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    pizza and sweets

  • What People Drank


  • Desserts

    cake brownies fruity pebble treats

  • Party Favors

    ring pops

  • Activities / Games

    alpaca painting


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