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Leprechaun's Treasure Hunt

Stephanie F By Stephanie F  in St. Patrick's Day


Party Recap

My sweet little girl is turning 7 this St. Patrick's day and has been requesting a "Leprechaun's Treasure Hunt" since October.

We set green bird cages as Leprechaun traps and one Leprechaun-- named Freckles McNugget-- left his gold shoes (spray painted Barbie shoes) and a teeeeny tiny note saying he had left a treasure. We had clues leading up to a giant green treasure chest filled will green goodies.

A Leprechaun's top hat with rainbow candles served as the centerpiece to the an all-green dessert buffet that also included "Leprechaun Chow"-- or puppy chow with mint M & Ms.

We had a photo booth made with giant green fringe streamers and shiny shamrocks. Glittery mustaches, beards and top hats made posing that much more silly.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Irish Beef Stew with Guinness, Corned Beef sliders with sharp cheddar on sweet Texas Roadhouse rolls, a sharp cheddar cheese log made green by covering it in toasted pistachios.

  • Desserts

    Leprechaun top hat cake, mint Oreo cookies, Leprechaun Chow-- chex mix with mint M & Ms

  • Activities / Games

    Leprechaun's Treasure Hunt: 10 rhyming clues leading up to finding a giant green treasure chest filled with gold coins and green party favors


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