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Leo + Kirrily's Birthday

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Party Recap

We would love share my children's Wreck It Ralph party with you! This party was for Leo, turning 4, and Kirrily, turning 2, who are both big fans of the movie, and we thought it was especially appropriate since it was the 1 year anniversary of the movie's release :)

Each of the different tables/stations at the party were based on different parts of the movie. The dessert table was based on the "Sugar Rush" game in the movie; the lunch table was based on the "Fix-It Felix" game in the movie; the drinks table was based on the "Tapper" game in the movie; and the kid's activity was based on the "Kart Bakery" which is part of the "Sugar Rush" game in the movie.

The characters in the game head to 'Tapper' after they finish work for the day for a chat and a cold drink, so of course our drink station had to bear the same name! Our drink station also included "Diet Cola Mountain", which is a geographical feature of the game "Sugar Rush."

One of the 2 main games in the movie is 'Fix-It-Felix.' This is the game where Ralph and Felix both live. Ralph lives in the dump, where his home is a tree stump, surrounded by broken bricks, and the occasional digger, so all of these elements are featured on the table. All of the food was named after elements of the game, including the fabulous chicken nuggets which were based on the golden hammer that Felix owns. The backdrop for this table was made from individually cut squares, to give the look of pixels, in keeping with the arcade game feel. The amazing cake was based on the 30th anniversary cake that one of the characters makes in the movie, and all of the characters sitting on top are actual characters from the Fix-It-Felix game.

Within the "Sugar Rush" game, is a mini game called the Kart Bakery, where Ralph and Vanellope make and decorate Vanellope's racing kart. We thought this would be a fun activity for the kids to do at the party, and they loved it! Some of them barely left the Kart Bakery for the entire party, and there were lots of fabulous creations, with lots of sprinkles, icing, lollies and fun!

The dessert table is based on the fabulously sweet "Sugar Rush" game, where the majority of the movie takes place. The go-kart racer characters in the game are all themed on different varieties of candy/sweets, and so all of the elements of the dessert table were chosen based on these themes - for example, Jubileena Bing-Bing's candy theme revolves around cherry confectionary, so she is represented on the dessert table by Cherry Ripe baby cupcakes. As well as all of the Sugar Rush characters being represented by desserts/candy, we also included the adorable "You're My Hero" cookies, (the same as the cookie that Vanellope made for Ralph in the movie); as well as our own version of the "Nesquik Sand" that Felix and Calhoun fall into (in this case, chocolate mousse with grated 'Nesquik' on top, and spoons based on the 'Danger' sign from the movie).


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Lots of yummy desserts, all based on different characters from Sugar Rush - chocolate covered oreos, chocolate mousse, tiramisu, choc mint macarons, popping candy macarons, mint suprise baby cakes, cherry ripe babycakes, vanilla 'You're my Hero' . And LOTS of lollies!

  • Party Favors

    Lolly bags included a hero's medal for each child, and they were able to fill their own bag with lollies from the Sugar Rush table

  • Activities / Games

    The Kart Bakery was very popular! Each child selected a kart made of biscuits, and then used a selection of icings, lollies and sprinkles to decorate it. The kids spent most of the party at this table, and came up with some amazing creations!

  • Best Dressed

    Kirrily, the birthday girl - her hair was covered with candy hairclips, based on Vanellope Von Schweetz's hair in Sugar Rush

  • What People Ate

    Lunch was Bad Guy Pies, Cybug sausage rolls, Golden Hammer chicken nuggets, Nicelander nachos, and Devil dogs. Dessert - Lots of yummy desserts, all based on different characters from Sugar Rush

  • What People Drank

    Diet Cola Mountain (Pepsi Max), Fruit punch, and flavoured water


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    Wow! What an amazing party! My family loves that movie...and you created every little detail perfectly =) Great job!

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    so lovely

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    super cute

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    very nice

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    Amazing amazing Party!!!! Every detail was so perfect!

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    Absolutely amazing

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    What sprinkles did you use?