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Le Petit Prince Pedro

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Party Recap


I wanna share one of my parties with you.

For my son 3 years old party I chose the Le Petit Prince theme for my son's 3rd birthday 'cause he's a little blonde blue eyes boy like a prince!

I started planning this party 9 months earlier and I made almost everything since invitation until favors. The Le Petit Prince on asteroid, fox, sheep and little roses was made in biscuit (cold porcelain). And we also have on dessert guest table macarons, cupcakes, 'brigadeiro de Ovomaltine' and passion fruit mousse.

The star boxes, milk boxes and others boxes and glass containers was filled with candies like chocoball, peanuts covered with chocolate, Mentos, bala de goma, all things kids loves.

And everyone could fill your own paper bag with candies.

The moms and women received a rose in a acrylic container and kids received a little suitcase filled with candies.

The invitation was made like a postcard with stamps.

And every time my son see Le Petit Prince, he says 'Mommy, it´s me!'.

- Cold porcelain (biscuit): Patricia Lourenço, Biscuit da Pati -
- Cupcakes, brigadeiro and passion fruit mousse: Fernanda Calbo, Divino Cupacake -
- Macarons: Raquel Ivana, Viva os Macarons - Macarons e Brigadeiros -
- Fotography: Deliene Alvarenga (Me!), -AND- Denis Monteiro,

All the pictures is here:

My name is Deliene Alvarenga, I´m from Brazil and my website/blog is, email [email protected]

Thanks & Best Regards!
Deliene Alvarenga
[email protected]



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    Linda B wrote:

    So clever! I would love to know how you did the roses and where you got the supplies! My little prince is getting married, and they are using the book as their theme!

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    Wendy H wrote:

    How big are these?