Party Recap

My daughter Layla LOVES Olivia and we watch it daily. We decided some time ago to have an Olivia party and then idea of her dance studio as a venue came and it seemed like the perfect fit since Olivia loves ballet. Many of the ideas were "stolen" from fellow Catchers and various other internet sites. Sweet Bambinos from Etsy did the cupcake toppers, Cookie Momma also from Etsy did the minature Olivia cookies. I made the Olivia ears, the cupcake tower was made from glasses, plates and strong glue, the placemats and door sign were done by using Nick Jr. website printables. I painted the photo props. The dance studio did a craft, dancing, story time and makeovers!



  • Erica C

    Erica C wrote:

    love this invitation!

  • Jennifer F

    Jennifer F wrote:

    i luv this invite