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Lainey's First Birthday

Meredith E By Meredith E  in Birthday


Party Recap

I was honored to be asked to be in charge of my sweet friend's daughter's first birthday party. I was given free reign on everything. What a treat to do a girl party for a change (I have three boys!).

I came up with an "L is for Lainey and Library" theme. The birthday girl's mom is a teacher, and their last name is "Smart" so I thought it was fitting. :)

Colors were salmon, pale pink, and bronze. I made all decorations from atlas pages or pages from books purchased at the dollar store. I purchased vintage brass pieces and fabric yardage at the Goodwill, along with some from my personal stash. The large vintage globe was a huge score from Goodwill for $4!



  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    I remember Lainey's baby shower! Now I can't believe it's her first birthday! :) What a sweet sweet party! (My daughter's name is Lainey so of course I remember.) :)

  • Amy N

    Amy N wrote:

    Love this cake!

  • Amy N

    Amy N wrote:

    Great job Meredith!

  • Meredith E

    Meredith E wrote:

    I had been waiting for a reason to do one of these ruffle cakes.

  • Adriana Y

    Adriana Y wrote:

    Wow! I think this photo speaks for itself! The birthday girl really enjoyed her party! You make incredible and beautiful party settings!!!! ?