Party Recap

What a fabulous time we had! Lainey wanted a dance party and that's what she got, plus good food, good weather, and awesome cake!

It was a lot of fun for all of us, especially Lainey. We did our job!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Lainey in her fancy new birthday dress.

  • First To Arrive

    Marmel and me at 9:00 to set up

  • Last to Leave

    Daddy and Lainey playing in her new sleeping bag

  • Best Moment

    Seeing Lainey dancing and laughing.

  • What People Ate

    Pizza, Bay Cities sandwiches, chips, fruit, and cake.

  • What People Drank

    Water and juice.

  • Best Dance Moves

    All the kids!


Party Helpers



  • David L

    David L wrote:

    She's now 4 and a quarter!! :)

  • no photo

    Carmel M wrote:

    She is a princess. Love Marmel

  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    We had such a great day!

  • David L

    David L wrote:

    Are you ready to start planning for her 4th?

  • David L

    David L wrote:

    You guys look so happy!

  • no photo

    Christine S wrote:

    Hi Jillian, I wanted to have my son's birthday here too. How did you go about doing it? Do you need to get a permit from the city? Did you get there early to make sure to get tables? TIA, Christine

  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    Hi Christine, I just got up early and a friend and I saved tables. :) It's the perfect birthday spot! Hope you have a great party! Best, Jillian