Party Recap

My daughter wanted an Alice In Wonderland party for her 4th birthday. I set up my backyard like Wonderland and my back porch was decorated like a tea room. When the kids arrived they followed the White Rabbit's footprints through Wonderland. The footprints led them to the porch door which was locked. So they had to find the key to unlock it, then eat their cookie to shrink down to fit through the door. Inside we had a tea party!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cheshire Cat cupcakes, pink and purple trifle, cookies, candies

  • Activities / Games

    Flamingo croquet relay race, tea pot picture frame craft and tea pot candy holder craft

  • Party Favors

    Card soldier gift bags filled with notepads, pencils, Alice In Wonderland activity books, bookmark

  • What People Ate

    Bread and Butterfly (PB & J) sandwiches, tea cookies and crackers, fruit, meatball sandwiches, asst munchies

  • What People Drank

    tea (of course), decaffeinated for the kids, punch, water

  • Thank You!!!!

    I want to send a "Thank You" shout out to my friend Melissa from Melissa Newell Party Stylist and Planner

  • Best Dressed

    My daughter wore an Alice In Wonderland dress up dress


Party Helpers



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    so cute!

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    So pretty! What a fun time we had

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    love this!

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