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An Un-birthday for Twin Girls!

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Party Recap

When I got a request from a client to design an Alice in Wonderland First Birthday Soiree for Twin girls, I could not have been more overjoyed! The event took place in the client's backyard in their Miami home, but we wanted the guests to feel transported to an enchanted, yet quaint outdoor space, filled with the miss-matched, out-of-the-box, inside-out details that the theme is well known for.

At the main entrance, we created photo opp hedge backdrop styled with frames and the quintessential “We are all mad here” quote to set the tone for the event. A checkered floor & photo props added depth and an element of fun to the pictures!

It was all fun and unexpected from then on, as we set a red carpet in the center of the yard, leading to the sweets table, a cluster of tea party elements. All the sweets were carefully styled along a mirror top bistro set, for which we elevated the chairs on hand-painted platforms to raise them closer to the table height. To define the sweets area and make it a focal point, we used a black gazebo structure staged with hanging greenery and floral details. We were fortunate enough to work with a very talented group of vendors to create the sweets for this event. The talented Angie from O Pops by Angie made amazing gold glittered Oreos which she turned into clocks. Rosa from Cakes by RC produced sweetly detailed cupcakes and befitting “twin” cakes for the birthday girls. And cookie artist Sandie from “You Can Call me Sweetie” surprised everyone with a set of artist cookies that not only tasted amazing, but looked too perfect to eat!

Since the twins were turning one, the toddler guest list was short and the children’s table was a small part of the overall event. We used mushroom cap stools set along a high-back pink chair as the kiddie mad-hatter seating area.
The wood fence became the ideal canvas to strategically place additional themed elements, such as the oversized roses with the card army, clocks galore, and mirrors to reflect the décor in strategically selected spots.

Countless hours of custom prop production took place for this event, from the hand-painted rabbit, to the checkered flamingo and the flower top mushrooms, each and every elements was a labor of love. At the end of the day, I was surprised by my client gave me the cutest “Alice in Wonderland” mug as a thank you gift! Most importantly, months after the fact, I still see her comments on our facebook page “It was the best party ever”! And it makes my heart smile.


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