Party Recap

It was so much fun


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries and cake

  • Party Favors

    A bookmark that was a sterling silver baby boy.

  • Activities / Games

    Every guest had a special game pack that included either the game or the description of the game and their "name" for the shower, I.e., baby bag, bottle, etc and each guest was asked to bring their favorite bedtime story book. Guests had to identify the (19) people on the How Do I Know Mommie list (great icebreaker); advice sheet, as a new Mommie, always....(which guests were asked to complete); while eating, a ybba atkl word search; Guess Who Else Is Having a Baby(4 teams of at least 5 people were given a balloon...first team to get "pregnant" (blow up the balloon and put it under their clothing, go to the end of the line (while other team members got "pregnant" and then "deliver" by sting on their balloon....first team to "deliver" all babies wins gift for entire team; diaper decoration contest; baby cakes and baby bingo

  • Budget


  • What People Ate

    Comfort food - a spectacular baked potato bar that included every topping imaginable

  • What People Drank

    Larry's homemade tea (combination of sweet tea, lemonade and cranberry juice and a whole lot of love)

  • Best Moment

    Seeing the room become the vision....

  • Funniest Moment

    The see who else is pregnant game....

  • Most Touching Moment

    When the mom to be, Lacie, asked all in attendance to form a circle, and expressed to each person present that they were a part of her village and prayed a special prayer for her son, King Josiah.

  • Best Dressed

    The ladies in "best decorated DIAPER contest"!!!

  • Planning the shower...

    Once we had theme, coming up with ideas that complimented bedtime stories was so much fun...from the invitation to the party favor...each guest table was decorated with a sheet, a pillow, a stuffed animal and a bedtime story book


Party Helpers

  • Beverly Terrell

    Party Planner

    Part of my team...great ideas, bought The Cow Jumped Over the Moon decor which was the guest sign in table complete with recording that looped and book

  • Deborah McCombs


    Actually made the tablecloths, sheets with matching pillows, using the colors of orange, yellow, green and blue!!!

  • Antionette Waits


    Helped to set up, make guests had all they needed and clean up!!!

  • FranTastic Cakes

    Cake designer


  • Beaucoup.com

    Party Favors

    Where I found the perfect gift to compliment the theme...http://www.beaucouo.com

  • Tinyprints.com

    Graphic Designer

    Where I found the "perfect" invitation!!http://www.tinyprints.com

  • Valerie Coney


    The very best cook "ever" - prebaked a ton of potatoes, and came up with some extremely creative toppings...including chili, vegetables, cheeses, sour cream, civets, butter, etc.

  • Kelley Davis


    Cousin who used the party packs and gave me the templates, allowed me to use her paper cutter.


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