Kieran's 3rd Birthday Pop Art Superhero Party

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Party Recap

Well, the day finally came – my son’s 3rd birthday party. I was first inspired by the Superhero Pop Art Birthday party that Anders Ruff posted on their blog. I love Anders Ruff printables and just because I can create some of my own, doesn’t mean I always have to…plus, theirs are super duper cool.

As I started planning, I realized I’d like to have cupcake wrappers, so I went ahead and created those printables myself. You can find them (free) on our blog. Then, I figured I wanted to give something to each of the kids. You see 3 year old kids are incredibly excited for a birthday party until they realize they have to give their friend a toy, at that point, melt downs tend to ensue. I decided to rectify that with giving something really cool, not a bag of little trinkets, but…a super cool, superhero, Superman/Batman cape. I found the pattern (there is a link to the pattern on our blog) and while I had every intention of helping my Mom make them, all I ended up getting to do was go fabric shopping with her – she was all excited and in a rush to make them and all of a sudden they were all done – poor me (wink).

We decided that it would be best to have the party at a location that K loves – Kid Ventures. They gave me time to set up, have a party in the room for an hour and we could share the whole play space for the 3 hours they were open on Saturday. PLUS, they totally played with the kids, created games, herded everyone into the party room, passed out the food and best of all - they cleaned up. The bonus of the day was that because it was a sunny day in San Diego and the day before Easter, we pretty much had the whole space to ourselves – I think only 2 other kids were there that day. The party was in the morning 9:00 a.m. to noon, so I just served simple breakfast type items – hard boiled eggs (already colored since Easter was the next day – bonus), yogurt squeeze, string cheese, personalized sippy cups with apple juice (another favor), a fruit bowl, water, and Rice Krispie Treats (they are the original Snap Crackle Pop) and of course, the birthday cupcakes.

Here is some Pop Art Superhero Birthday Party Eye Candy Inspiration for you. The last few pics are us trying to get pictures of our son who on any given day is a whirlwind, but birthday day he was more akin to Speedy Gonzales. In the very last picture, we cornered him in the castle – happy little stinker.

You can view this party and get our free printables on our blog at


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes with chocolate frosting and M&Ms

  • Activities / Games

    Kid Ventures did a scavenger hunt with the kids and they all played in the many different themed rooms, castle and pirate ship

  • Best Moment

    Not having to clean up;)

  • What People Ate

    String Cheese, Fruit Bowl, Hard Boiled Eggs, Cupcakes, Rice Krispie Treats

  • What People Drank

    Diluted Organic Apple Juice w/no added sugar and Water

  • Funniest Moment

    When the parents ended up wearing the capes


Party Helpers



  • Shelly K

    Shelly K wrote:

    I love banner and all the stuff that is coordinating where did you get??

  • Shauna H

    Shauna H wrote:

    I bought most of the printables from Anders Ruff online and also created a few free ones as well (the cupcake wrappers for example) and they are on my blog at - you just have to sign up to get the link and password for all of my free printables - there are a ton!