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Kary's Prelude to Paris - A Beautiful 7th Birthday Celebration

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Party Recap

Karys' 7th Birthday - A Prelude to Paris

We had so much fun planning Karys' 7th birthday because it was such a beautiful, dreamy and timeless theme. She will be celebrating part of her birthday in Paris, we wanted to get her a bit excited and at the same time share a slice of Paris' magic with our friends and relatives.

Guests entered the ballroom through an 8 foot tall miniature Arc di Triomphe where a 16 ft miniature Eiffel tower greeted them in front and "2-storey" Parisian shop windows to the right.

It was a lovely afternoon party with the kids dancing and singing away with a mini concert with the birthday celebrant playing the violin and the piano. There was a jumping castle and slide, foosball table, nail art station, and kiddie parlor.

The pastry table had a gorgeous 3-tier three dimensional lighted cake which was topped with edible sugar flowers, lighted streetlamps and ceiling light, and a tiny cake and pastries inside the cake. There were "plum-engineered treats such as macarons with special filling, cheesecake shortcrusts with an edible dome and a tiny eiffel tower inside, clear cookies, and other to-pretty-to-eat sweets that the kids just devoured.

For the souvenirs, we gave Chanel inspired jelly bags for girls and digital watches for boys. Prizes were kiddie jewelry and smart watches.

It was the little details and the memories we created that made it enjoyable and memorable.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    French comfort food: Adults: 1. Prawn & Mayonnaise salad on butter croissant 2. Potato Omelette with bell pepper 3. Nicoise Salad 4. Puff Pastry with Chicken and Mushroom Béchamel 5. Quiche Lorraine 6. Ham and Cheese Gratinated Pasta 7. Sautéed Ground Beef with Mashed potato 8. Chicken Stew with Red Pepper, Onions and Tomato Children: 1. Spaghetti with Meatballs 2. Burgers and Fries Food Carts: 1. Cotton Candy on Glow Sticks in Fun Shapes 2. Hokkaido Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream 3. Waffles 4. Popcorn 5. Hotdogs

  • What People Drank

    JUICES FOR KIDS 1. Strawberry juice with gummies 2. Blue lemonade 3. Pink lemonade 4. Watermelon and Mint 5. Cool Kiwi For Adults: 1. Iced Tea & Soda 2. Wine 3. Champagne 4. Beer 5. Coffee/Tea

  • Desserts

    Buffet: Adults: Lemon Tartlet Opera Cake Chocolate Profiteroles Caramel Eclair Kids: Sugar Donuts Tiramisu Pastry/Cake Spread: Cream Puffs Chocolate Macarons with Syrup Lemon Butter Mini Cupcakes Cheesecake Shortcrusts Chocolate Cakepops Sugar Cookies Meringue Towers

  • Party Favors

    souvenirs: 1. girls - chanel 2.55 -inspired jelly bag with engraving inside 2. boys - digital watch with engraving at the bottom prizes: 1. gps tracking watch for kids 2. kiddie jewelry 3. board games

  • Activities / Games

    1. Mini Concert where the kids danced and sang with the entertainers 2. picture scavenger hunt 3. nail art salon 4. kiddie parlor 5. jumping castle and slide 6. foosball table


Party Helpers

  • The Peninsula Manila's Senior Events Manager Frances Duque

    Senior Events Manager
    She prepared the venue and coordinated with the chef of the hotel for our food, arranging the tables and even providing extra function rooms for extra set up (buffet, food carts, activities), planned the flow of wait staff, and ensured that the event ran smoothly from the hotel's side.

  • Anthony and Lily Sia of Carousel Styling

    Event Stylist
    Carousel Styling by Anthony Sia is one of Manila's best kept party secrets. They create and customize pieces that have the "wow" factor for your event.

  • Sugarplum Pastries (Lala and Lovely)

    Cake designer/Pastry table supplier
    So happy with their super cute and creative designs. They wanted something that was not too overtly Parisian like the usual stuff they put on the cake (landmarks etc.) So they decided to make a patisserie - complete with working streetlight and ceiling light on top of miniature pastries and a tiny cake within the cake. I love their "plum-engineered" macarons where you release a syrup before you eat the macaron and the edible dome on their cheesecake crusts that hides a tiny Eiffel tower.

  • Happy Folks Studio


  • Party with Jive



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