Kanaya's bird garden & doll picnic birthday party

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Party Recap

Kanaya turned 9 last February, and she wanted a bird theme party. It was only a small party, so I thought that we had to make it a little different than other parties. So we decided to make a doll party too. Every girl that's invited got to bring their favorite dolls with them.

The party color scheme is pink & red. I used doilies for almost everything: invitation, decoration, banners, favors, etc. They're cheap but really made things prettier.

For the favors, I made the hair bow and the bird felt pencil topper myself.

As you see on the title, it's a picnic party, meaning that no chairs were needed (meaning I didn't have to spend money to rent them :)). So I threw flowery fabric on carpet for the girls and made a separated picnic area for the dolls. I used Kanaya's tea party toys and they looked very adorable.

The dolls also got the mini version of their owners' party hat. I bought some stickers for the girls to decorate their hats while they were waiting for others to come.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    The games ofcourse

  • Desserts

    - Red velvet & vanilla cupcakes - Bird cookies - Strawberry pudding - Lollipop

  • Party Favors

    - Bird felt pencil toppers + pencils - Flower crochet hair bows - Bird mobile phone pouches - Mini pink water cans - Lollipop

  • Activities / Games

    The games were simple but were hits: 1. Each girl had to introduce her doll. Kanaya got to choose which one had the most interesting/ funniest way to tell about her doll, and that girl got a prize. 2. I showed the girls a tray filled with 10 doll stuffs (mostly Mell Chan's stuff): blue doll shoes, pink doll shoes, mini umbrella, milk bottle, mini toothbrush, mini toothpaste, little hat, little doll bag, a cute doll dress, and a toy spoon. I showed them for about 10 seconds while told them the name of each stuff. After that I hid the tray and the girls had to write those stuffs on a piece of paper. Girls who could write 10 stuffs would get prizes. And there were 3 girls who could write all the stuffs! 3. We put all the dolls in one laundry basket. Each girl took turn to be blind folded and had to look for her doll by touching. This time, every girl got a prize coz ofcourse it was an easy game. But surely this game was the biggest hit.

  • What People Ate

    - Baked spaghetti bolognaise - Fried noodle - Fried Chicken - French fries

  • What People Drank

    - Strawberry milk


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