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Julian's 7th Birthday Fiesta

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Party Recap

Our little senorito turned 7 in May. Last year after his 6th birthday I had a great idea of a "Siete en Mayo" party theme. However he kept insisting that he did not want a party...until a week before his birthday this year that is! So we decided to push back the fiesta date to June. I asked him if a fiesta theme was ok with him or if he would rather have a character party. He said no to every character theme I suggested and said yes to the fiesta with one condition...there MUST be a water slide!

With that in mind, I designed the invitations. Opted for more colorful and festive colors instead of the traditional red, white, and green Mexican colors. The invitation design was the inspiration for the rest of the party. It was the only item I emailed to all the vendors asking them to do what they do, having complete trust in their amazing talents. Could not be happier with the end results!

Fiesta was alot of fun. Julian was beyond happy. It was such a joy to see him enjoying HIS day. Laughing, playing, and sliding with his friends and family. Grateful for these sweet memories.

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Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Taquitos, Empanadas, Chips & Salsa, Mexican Fruit Salad, Tacos, Rice & Beans, Pizza de Queso (cheese pizza for the kids).

  • What People Drank

    Jarritos, Mexican Coke and Beer, Margaritas and Juice


Party Helpers



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    Olga D wrote:

    I love it! I have been planning a real mexican party for my boy, I have very similar ideas plus I saw new ones that are really cool! Great party :)

  • Ms_Tiniposh

    Ms_Tiniposh wrote:

    Thank you so much Olga! You are too sweet! Look forward to seeing your little senoritos party! Please feel free to email me if you need help with anything : )

  • Vanesia H

    Vanesia H wrote:

    Love it!! Where did you get the straw hats that was on the cupcakes? So cute!! Where did you get the lanterns on the table? Thanks

  • Ms_Tiniposh

    Ms_Tiniposh wrote:

    Thank you Vanesia! The straw hats on the cupcakes I got at Michaels, Lanterns at target : )

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    Laura M wrote:

    Hi I was just wondering where did you get your invitations from?

  • Ms_Tiniposh

    Ms_Tiniposh wrote:

    Hi Laura, I made them. I sell them on my Etsy shop Tini Posh.

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    Jennifer W wrote:

    Where did you purchase the banners? I am in love with the colors!

  • Ms_Tiniposh

    Ms_Tiniposh wrote:

    My mom and sister actually made them for me, thank you!