Party Recap

Our Saturday Family lunch was the perfect opportunity to create a “Merienda Espesyal” – special dessert buffet celebrating our Filipino culture. We wanted to show off our Pinoy pride with a modern quirky twist. We showcased some classic Filipino desserts – Brazo de Mercedez, Leche Flan cake with mangoes & Chocolate Krinkles – on our wooden cake stands in the colours of the Philippine flag, Red, Blue, Yellow. We set up a mini “Sari-sari store” (corner shop) and filled the lolly jars with our favourite sweets and candies we loved as kids – Chocnut, Polvoron (shortbread cookies), Pastillas (milk candies), Barquiron (wafer rolls filled with milk), Ube (purple yam) & Langka (jackfruit) candies. To add to the nostalgic effect, we set up a drinking station featuring a popular Filipino summer drink, Sago Gulaman (caramel drink with jelly and pearls) that took us back to our childhood. For decorations, we used crochet doilies, wicker balls, buntings made from Papelmeroti cards featuring illustrations showing facets of Filipino culture.

We were very happy to have created such a unique Filipino inspired dessert buffet and sharing it with our family. As the tourism tagline goes, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”, so we served a slice of the Philippines on our table.

Concept/Styling and Photography by A&K.


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