Party Recap

I want to decorate in Black and red. And I have made some centerpiece of Mickey, And would like more Ideas and do it yourself projects.



  • Monique  T

    Monique T wrote:

    Have you tried Pinterest or Etsy? Tons and tons of party ideas that will give you lots of inspiration to get your creative side going. Just type in your party theme and then you will be amazed at all the possibilities! good luck :)

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    Tonia L wrote:

    Hello, loved your Party!!! can you please share how you made the candy apples, I would love to have these at my Babys 1sy BD toniavidaure@yahoo.com i went on pinterest but could not find how to make them?? maybe i'm over looking.. Thanks

  • Jasmine A

    Jasmine A wrote:

    this is amazing

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    Tan T wrote:

    Can you tell me where did you order these from??