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Josh's 10th Birthday

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Party Recap

Another milestone was celebrated this year with my son turning 10. He is my eldest child so to me that’s a huge milestone for myself. A whole decade of being a Mother. WOW!! Now usually in our family I make it that my children can have a big party every second year. And Josh is great with this & was well deserving of this years party. Now it was all up to him with the choice of party he’d like to have, but of course with a Mothers twist (well after all it is my celebration also). So Josh opted for a skateboarding/scootering party & his choice of colours for the colour scheme was black, red, grey & white. I found this rather hard to begin with…oh who am I trying to kid. I found it difficult the whole way through. Pinks & girly things are so much easier I must admit. So I searched & searched the internet for inspiration & something age appropriate (as most skating parties were too little boyish or too old). So with nothing coming up, I was left on my own. And as I always seem to have luck on my side, the things skate related & in the colours I were after just seem to pop up just at the right times….Yay for me!!!
he 13 boys & 3 girls had an absolute blast with most of the boys saying it was the BEST PARTY EVER!!!! They had real scootering fun at skate zone, scootering to some groovy music, bubbles blowing through the air & rock climbing to enjoy. But most of all, the boyz favourite thing was being let loose in what they thought was a Candy Shoppe…filling their bags & pockets to the brim. What a joy to see such excitement & pleasure on their gorgeous faces. The kids’ behavior was perfect. It was an absolute pleasure & delight to have each & every one of them attend.


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