JoJo Themed Birthday Bash Dance Party!

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Party Recap

We came up with so many super fun JoJo Siwa party ideas to make our tween girl’s birthday party a sweet success! Our girl loves jamming out to JoJo’s hits, like “Kid in a Candy Store,” so we created a beautiful candy buffet. We found this cute plastic JoJo Siwa table cover to use on the base (we got a second JoJo tablecloth to go on the lunch table!), and we just stacked tons of different kinds of candy on top! We let the girls fill up JoJo Siwa plastic cups from Walmart with whatever sweets they wanted from the candy selection. We also used that same candy table to display our Jojo birthday cake. Above the table, we hung up pretty pink, purple, and teal tissue paper decorations to give the display even more pizzazz! The dessert bar with all the JoJo Siwa party decorations around it ended up being the STAR of our JoJo party.
We also had a bunch of games and crafts for the girls! We had a DIY hair bow craft that everyone loved – and while the glitter and glue was drying, we blasted JoJo’s songs and played a game of Freeze Dance! Everyone also loved posing in our makeshift “photobooth” which was just a plastic JoJo Siwa photo booth backdrop that we taped to the wall. We got our Polaroid camera out and all the kids were posing for snapshots with the JoJo Siwa photo props we bought. It was a blast! And everyone gets to take a Polaroid picture home at the end of the day, which they really loved, too.
And of course, there had to be BOWS on everything! They don’t call her JoJo with the Big Bow for nothing! We just went crazy with the curling ribbon and literally tied a bow on everything. It was fast and easy, and I think all the bows really added the perfect finishing touch to the party.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    For lunch we just did pizza and birthday cake, but the JoJo Siwa party plates and napkins made it extra special. We found all the JoJo Siwa party supplies we needed at Walmart. First we set the table with the paper plates, napkins, and bright purple plastic silverware, which made these super cute place settings. And then after all the kids were done eating, we could toss out the disposable plates and napkins quickly and easily.

  • What People Drank

    JoJo Juice!

  • Party Favors

    “KID IN A CANDY STORE” TREAT CUPS: “Gonna live the dream like a candy queen!” You can’t have a kids birthday party without CANDY! We started out by covering our table with an adorable JoJo Siwa plastic tablecloth from Walmart. We got all the brightest sweets from the candy shop – like gumballs, rock candy, M&M’s, and Skittles – and displayed it all in different clear glass vases and jars. Walmart also had these really cute mini JoJo Siwa balloons on sticks that were already inflated and ready to go! We stuck the balloons into some of the candy jars and it made these really fun centerpieces. We gave all the kids their own plastic JoJo Siwa party cup (also from Walmart!) and they scooped up a little of each variety of candy. When their cups were overflowing with goodies, we popped the cup into a clear cellophane bag and tied it shut with a big BOW! Depending on the age group, you may want kids to write their names on the bags so they know which is one is theirs to take home at the end of the day.

  • Activities / Games

    DIY BOWS: Our girl love crafting so we wanted to come up with an easy JoJo themed party craft! We thought a “Decorate Your Own Bow” station would be fun and easy. You’ll need metal hair barrette clips, rolls of brightly colored ribbon, and all manner of decorations – we used puffy paint, felt pompoms, plastic jewels, etc. Have the adults tie strips of ribbon into big bows and hot glue the center knot of each bow to one of the metal hair barrettes. When it’s cool, let kids pick their bow and cover with the decorations. You could even use glitter, confetti, or colorful plastic beads. Set the bows aside to dry. Everyone can wear their personalized JoJo bows home at the end of the party! PHOTO BOOTH: Strike a pose! Everyone loves taking pictures in a photo booth! We fashioned our own by taping a big JoJo Siwa photo backdrop to a blank wall in our living room. We gave the girls some JoJo Siwa photo booth props to pose with and it made their snapshots come out so totally cute! We used a Polaroid camera so we could give every guest a picture to take home as a party favor after the bash. Some of the kids with cell phones took selfies “with JoJo” in the photo booth, too. Right now, if you tag JoJo’s account in your party pictures on Instagram, she follows you back! Needless to say, the girls were excited to tag her in their photo booth pictures! FREEZE DANCE: For a super quick and easy JoJo theme party game, we played Freeze Dance. All you need is a phone or mp3 player, a speaker, and space to dance. We put on some of JoJo’s jams, like “I Can Make You Dance” and “Boomerang.” While the music plays, everyone has to boogie! But when the music randomly pauses, you have to FREEZE. Anyone caught moving a muscle is out! They absolutely loved it! I think some of my girls were channeling JoJo when she was on “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.” We had a JoJo party prize to give the winner, but the girls wanted to keep playing over and over after the end of the first game.



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