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Jenna's Shredder Shindig

Candy @Sweet By Candy M By Candy @Sweet By Candy M  in Birthday


Party Recap

My 8 year old is a huge fan of Disneys Teen Beach Movie. Deciding on her birthday party theme this year was a no brainer :) We were right in the middle of moving houses so it was a little tricky but we were able to throw a Shredder Shindig Teen Beach Movie style days after moving into our new house...crazy right? lol


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    My daughter doesnt really like cake so we do donuts every year for her party. I did iced donuts and made them into life preservers and stacked them on a cake stand and sprinkled brown sugar around the base to look like sand. I just served little cups of ice cream along with the donuts

  • Party Favors

    Fun beach themed cookies plus their biker or surfer gear

  • Activities / Games

    When they arrived we had a table set up that asked "Are you a biker or a surfer?' The kids got to pick from biker bandanas, leis, sunglasses, tatoos, glow braclets and flower hair clips. We kept the activities simple. We played the movie soundtrack in the back ground and let them just play for awhile. We also played limbo, had a game of beach volleyball set up and hula hoops for them to play with. We kept it very easy and laid back this year.

  • Budget

    We kept it very simple with the house move we were throwing it all together rather quickly. I had a lot of the decorations already so I was able to use what I had. We kept the food simple and splurged on the the cookies for favors.

  • Best Moment

    watching them all sing and dance to the Teen Beach Movie songs. My favorite moment is always watching everyone sing happy birthday to my little girl and watching her blow out the candles...something just very special about that.

  • Funniest Moment

    We had just moved into this house and the neighbors electric fence broke that night and her dog kept tunneling under our fence and running into our yard to play with all the kids...he was a party crasher!! lol

  • What People Ate

    We had the party after dinner hours so we could keep in simple. We served Big Mamma's Sushi Rolls (rice krispie treats wrapped in fruit rollups), Toes in the Sand Nutter Butter flip flops, Fruit, and Chips and Dip

  • What People Drank

    I served orange crush soda's with a straw attached and bottled water



  • Jennifer J

    Jennifer J wrote:

    What does it say under "shindig"

  • no photo

    Kami B wrote:

    Where did you find the surfboards

  • Candy @Sweet By Candy M

    Candy @Sweet By Candy M wrote:

    I found the surfboards at Kmart in their summer clearance It was a lucky find!!