Party Recap

With Jaxson's 2nd birthday arriving I was so excited to begin planning! I knew we wanted to pick something he loved, so we chose dinosaurs. Jax just loves to rawr!

Since we live in home where our seating / kitchen area is not set up to accomidate a large amount of people, we have a small family gathering with 20 - 25 adults and 8 - 10 kids and only do one smaller dessert table. Here you will find some of my favorite features and details from the party!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    For dessert we had a couple of options. First we had a standard chocolate cake with cookie crumbs and some ice cream. We also offered cupcakes and mini volcano cakes filled with pudding for those who did not want cake. Adorable Dinosaur sugar cookies were also available throughout the party

  • Party Favors

    Each child received a gable box along with a cute dinosaur mask. Inside each gable box was a stuffed dinosaur, a mini coloring book, dinosaur shaped coloring crayons and dinosaur stampers. Boys received the standard colors throughout the party and I added in a little pink for the few girls :)

  • Budget

    Once everything was said and done we ended up spending roughly $500 - 600 on everything (including everything besides his gift)


Party Helpers


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