Party Recap

A modern take on a dino theme



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    Jamie C wrote:

    hi there! i love your party it turned out adorable. I am planning my sons jurassic bday and wanted those large leaf props at the end of the table. Where do you get those? thanks so much.

  • Dream A Little Dream

    Dream A Little Dream wrote:

    Hi Jamie, the large leaf props are purchased at IKEA in the children's section. They are actually bed canopies :-)

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    Ashlee G wrote:

    Where did you get or make that dinosaur head? That is awesome!

  • Leanne A

    Leanne A wrote:

    HI Ashlee G. We purchased the head from a store that selds random home and party wares in Australia called Rave Discounts. It has battery lit eyes, It was originally bone colored and dirty looking but we spray painted it and a bunch of other plastic dinosaurs in bright colors :-)

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    Ashlee G wrote:

    It is awesome !!