Party Recap

the theme is hot pink and black, with a little bit damask .


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    the birthday girl "JANNA"

  • Desserts

    fruit cake chocolate profitrole cups mini cheesecakes chocolate cupcakes with cream chantile frosting

  • Best Moment

    blowing the candle

  • What People Ate

    mini burgers tuna salad sandwiches cheese salad sandwiches mini pizza chicken wraps

  • What People Drank

    pepsi seven up



  • Janna X

    Janna X wrote:

    The VERY VERY best part about this party is that the birthday girl shares my name! I am not sure how you pronounce it, but mine is like Anna - with a J. I rarely see my name spelt the same so it is very exciting! Lovely party too!!

  • no photo

    Reem A wrote:

    Thank u dear for ur nice comment, although i was disappointing, that u didn't comment on the decorations :)) yes we do pronounce it like Anna with the J. In Arabic language it mean s paradise. actually her full name is Janna 'tullah. it means God's paradise. :))

  • no photo

    Dawn J wrote:

    Would love to know where you got all the paper decorations

  • no photo

    Reem A wrote:

    i'm sorry, but what do u mean by paper decorations?

  • no photo

    Arika D wrote:

    Wow...lucky little girl!

  • no photo

    Reem A wrote:

    thanks dear :))