Party Recap

This year for my thirteenth birthday party I am going to have an Italian theme. I decided to use this theme as I have been to Italy before and it is amazing! There is going to be Italian inspired games, decorations, pizza, pasta, and a gelato bar! It's a super fun theme and I would definitely recommend it. My party is a sleepover, but instead of sleeping inside, I am setting up a tent outside and decorating it. I also am getting out two long tables for the guests to eat at. I can only attach the photo's of the plan for my party, but in late November I will put up the photos of my party, how it went and tips if you would like to do the same. :)


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    You could choose from Pizza or Pasta for dinner, and then a Gelato bar. We also had lots of snacks.

  • What People Drank

    We drunk Punch, Juice, Lemonade, Water

  • Party Favors

    To take home i got a small cardboard travel suitcase with lollies etc.

  • Activities / Games

    We played Italian themed games, Truth or dare, Would you rather, Pin the heart on Italy (on the world map, and others.


Party Helpers

  • My friends and Family!

    Idea givers

    They helped me lots with ideas for planning!



  • Georgia

    Georgia wrote:

    Ooops mistake, there were actually 6 guests not including me! Also, i would recommend keeping it smaller to spend time with everyone.

  • SurferGurlEmi

    SurferGurlEmi wrote:

    Hi Georgia, That's so cool, thats a good idea for a party I would love to do that! Would you recommend this for any age or just a teenager? Your suggestions really helped give me some good ideas! Thanks!

  • Georgia

    Georgia wrote:

    Hi Emily! Thanks for your feedback, I actually haven't had my party yet but I will have to show you the photos and idea's after. I think this party would suit any age if you adjusted it!

  • ✨maria✨ .

    ✨maria✨ . wrote:

    That's a really good idea thanks for the inspiration! :) I would definitely love to see the final photos!