Party Recap

I started planning for the party months ahead. We came up with the pritate and princess theme since my daughter loves both!
We had 30 children coming to the party and most parents stayed as well. We had a pirate ship bouncy castle and the kids bounced around for the first half an hour. Then they had something to eat. Food included, cheese and ham sandwiches, chicken nuggets and chips, cheezels, BBQ flavour tripods, burger rings,vanilla cupcakes, pizza rolls, marshmallow pops, grapes, strawberries and oranges. We served the food in popcorn boxes. For drinks we had orange juice and lemonade. Most children went back on the bouncy castle after eating. We then went on a little adventure. Girls recieved some pixie dust and a wand each and the boys got a bandana each. We gave each child an organza bag to collect treasures/loot along the way. First they walked the plank. Then they threw some water balloons at a pirate ship which was made courtsey of my husband. They had fun. Each child recieved a tattoo. They then went on to find little jewels/gems, plastic coins, chocolate treats, necklaces and rings which were scattered around inside the gym. We then sang happy birthday and blew the candles. While the cake was being distributed we did the last activity. Pinata with ribbons!!! Each child got to pull the ribbon and one ribbon opened the little window and out came more treats. Chocolate coins and candy bracelets. It was almost time to go home. Everyone had the cake and on the way out, recieved a goody bag. The boys also recieved a balloon sword and the girls a balloon wand. I had fun preparing for the party. It was a busy day but I have amazing friends who helped me on the day! My daughter had a fantastic time and that is all that matters to me.


Party Highlights

  • Best Moment

    When everyone at the party left with a smile!

  • Most Touching Moment

    When my daughter came and gave me a hug and said Thank you!

  • Party Favors

    Balloon swords and wands. Goody bags filled up with homemade biscuits, marshmallows, ringpops and bubbles

  • Activities / Games

    Bouncy "ship" treasure hunt walk the plank throw cannon balls at the ship Pinata


Party Helpers

  • Gwynn


    Airagami balloons

  • Trina McKee

    Cake designer

  • Kaye Wooding



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