Party Recap

My Son Turned 14 and this was the hardest Party to work on being as though what type Decor to do Right U know how BOYS are ...So I soon found out his FAVORITE RAPPER was { LIL WAYNE bka LIL WEEZY } So I Made the Entire Party Around him and The Rapper GEESH I pulled it OFF !!! What type of FAVORS do you get for 14yr old Boys So I started to think long & hard well 1st I started at the MALL and thought NOPE nothing but Free Cologne & Perfume Samples was a GO !!Then I said now Earrings for the Girls then it just kept going So I created a lot of STUFF Praying they would like it and it all was a HIT including Him being SURPRISED the entire time ...LOL


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Of Course My Son Dressed InT-Shirt of Lil wayne on it

  • Desserts

    Cup-Cakes & Candy Bar

  • Activities / Games

    The Danced

  • Best Moment

    Watch My Son Face Light Up when he realized that the Party was for him he never had a Clue because we told him the entire time that it was for his best buddy so he thought that the entire time So what a SURPRISE !!!

  • What People Ate

    Nachos & Hot Dogs

  • What People Drank


  • Most Touching Moment

    I forgot to take images was having So Much Fun

  • Funniest Moment

    When he Realized it was His Party

  • Just Plain Surprised Fun

    Surprise was Really On Him !!!


Party Helpers


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