Party Recap

My daughter turned 8 last year and she loves to take my iphone and create her own webshows, so when it came time for her party I wanted to incorporate her passion into her party. So we created an iKennedy theme party based on the popular show iCarly. During the party my daughter was the webshow producer and we set up a room/studio for her and her friends to create their own webshow. It was a great hit!



  • Jennifer D

    Jennifer D wrote:

    Did you print these yourself or find someone to print all the supplies for you?

  • Kara N

    Kara N wrote:

    Hi Jennifer, I had someone design the image/logo and then I used a vendor to put the items on the decor, etc.

  • Jennifer D

    Jennifer D wrote:

    Ah ok! Your party turned out awesome! I'm doing an iCarly/Victorious/Shake It Up party for my dd's 9th bday. Those are all her favorite shows.