Holly's Rockin' Moroccan 10th Birthday

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Party Recap

The invitations were Hot pink Scrolls with Gold writing from India (weddingscrolls.com). The house had Hot pink Flood lights on the outside. The doors had Mirrored appliques from Pottery Barn saying Drams, Inspire, Love, etc. When the girls entered they were give a card that said they must visit the Fortune Teller for their dreams, the Sultan for their wish and the Maharaji Princess for their Jewels and then take a seat on a pillow at the Moroccan (low) table. They Loved the Fortune teller and Sultan (her dad) which had them write a wish and roll it up and put in in the aladdin lamp. They came to see me the Maharaji Princess and received a Bindi of their choice and Gold Bracelets. Then The sultan asked Holly to rub the lamp and she wished for a Belly Dancer. The girls learned a routine first with Colorful scarfs I had cut from fabric shop 1 yard each and Finger Cymbals. Arabian music I had downloaded from Itunes played all night. Then it was time to feast. WE removed the colorful lanterns which I had bought from Ross/Marshalls/Pier one and brought out the large platters of Kabobs. One tray of fruit Kabobs, one tray of Meat skewered Kabobs, and one tray of Chicken Nugget Kabobs, and one tray of Meatball Kabobbs. The skewers were from Pier one with Butterflys, Spinning Colorful Pinwheels, and Confetti skewers which really made the food pop. Placed in the center of the table. The girls each had square plastic clear plates that I glued colorful gems. Then in Silver Pitchers (we had 4 ) we told the girls the names of the drinks...Inspiration, Creativity, Love, and Adventure. All were different colored Crystal Lite. The girls Loved choosing which drink they wanted. Then they had a craft. Colorful "Jeanie" shaped bottles from Hobby Lobby and tons of jewel stickers from Michaels and H.L. They chose the color bottle and in a circle started placing jewels on them. When finished they came to me and chose a scent (bath crystals in colorful pitchers) and as I pouted in the bottles they made I asked them to close their eyes and make a wish. It was cake time. The girls all lined up around the round dining table and with Gold candles on the cake holly walked around the table blowing out candles as they sand happy birthday. She the rubbed the Sultans lamp and asked to open presents. She sat in the Sultans chair. The girls had a blast and had some jeweled boxes to fill with chocolate coins (walmart) on the way out. The got to take home their scarf, finger cymbals, bindi, bracelets, Jeanie bottle with bath salts and jeweled box. I hung Sheer Hot pink fabric over 70 yards all over the house tons of candles, etc! Cake was from a local bakery I use often.


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