Party Recap

Today I present a beautiful summer celebration inspired by the fashion of this "color festive period" of colors launch .. Holi party. To my firstborn who is no longer a little child.

The Holi is a festival held in the spring dedicated to pure fun, during which it is customary to get dirty as possible with colored powders to honor a rite of Hindu origin, which symbolizes rebirth and the desire to resurrect another form of full beings life from those who acknowledges in this ritual, which has become an experience in which all sooner or later you will also launch just for fun. The religious festival, in the West the Holi Fest, or Feast of Colors, has turned into an event where disco music and colored powders create a festive atmosphere, much loved by the young. The meanings of the festival is the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, the winter goodbye, the encounter with the other, the desire to play, laugh, forget the pain, to forgive and to strengthen relations. *


Party Helpers

  • Tempo di Fesra

    Party Planner


  • michela cake designer

    Cake designer

  • Fabio Malengo



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