Party Recap

I had such a great time planning Harper's 1st. birthday party. I started planning it when she was about 5 months old, so some ideas changed as the planning went on.


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The birthday girl, of course!

  • Desserts

    The birthday girl had her ladybug smash cakes and everyone else had either white or chocolate cupcakes in the flower cupcake wraps. Some cupcakes had a chocolate ladybug on them. We also had M&M's printed with a ladybug or "Harper is 1!" on them. These were set out on the table.

  • Activities / Games

    We had ladybug coloring pages on the tables for the kids to color, and we did the pinata. We also had all the ride on toys out for the kids to play.

  • Budget

    I can't tell! Daddy would freak out!

  • Party Favors

    The big "bugs" got a ladybug bucket filled with goodies. The little "bugs" got a bag with spots on it filled with a sippy cup, Gerber Puffs and a small plush ladybug. All the kids got a ladybug bubble wand.

  • Best Moment

    The entire party was awesome!

  • What People Ate

    Daddy cooked hamburgers and hotdogs. We also had chips, cheese dip, ladybug appetizers, chocolate covered pretzels, and strawberries.

  • What People Drank

    We had bug juice (Marriott Punch), sweet tea, peach tea, water, Capri Sun, and soft drinks.

  • Most Touching Moment

    We started a James Avery charm bracelet for her and gave it to her for her birthday with her birthstone charm on it. She was also given 4 other charms to put on it for her birthday. Every year we will add to it. Also, 4 of her great-grandparents were there, so there was 4 generations represented!

  • Funniest Moment

    We had to change mommy and the birthday girl after the birthday girl had too much bug juice and her diaper leaked all over mommy!


Party Helpers



  • Keisha S

    Keisha S wrote:

    I've ordered several candles from her! I love her work!

  • no photo

    Courtney J wrote:

    I love her work too! I ordered a candle for the party we had this year as well, and will continue to order from her. She does such cute work!

  • Keisha S

    Keisha S wrote:

    She does!

  • Keisha S

    Keisha S wrote:

    My daughter is doing this theme for her 2nd birthday in December. Where did you get your t shirt from?

  • no photo

    Courtney J wrote:

    Hello! It is such a cute theme! I got the shirt from www.allpersonallyyours.com. It took them several weeks to ship, so if you decide to order, I would do so early. I got my daughters outfit from TrendyGirlzCouture on Etsy. Best of luck on your party planning!

  • Keisha S

    Keisha S wrote:

    I finally seen that, but the website doesn't come up :-(

  • no photo

    Courtney J wrote:

    Oh no! It didn't pull up for me either. Maybe try Etsy since a lot of people had that ladybug, or try Zazzle because they make shirts and I think they had the ladybug too. Good luck! If I can find it on another site, I will send you the info.