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Beautiful Spring Floral Baby Shower!

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Party Recap

This party was an elegant spring floral themed baby shower at the beautiful King Valley Golf Club in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. The party décor showcased pretty, delicate pastel colours integrated in real floral centerpiece bouquets and a large feature floral wall. Guests enjoyed delicious brunch and succulent cake and desserts while taking in the sights of the golf club and being entertained with numerous fun baby shower games.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Brunch - salads, mainly indian snacks and appetizers for predominantly Indian guests

  • What People Drank

    Tea, Coffee

  • Desserts

    Printed sugar cookies, nanaimo bars, brownies with frosting, donuts, cake!!!

  • Party Favors

    High quality indian sweets

  • Activities / Games

    1) Guests game – finding people in the room with certain characteristics. Whoever gets it first wins a prize 2) Price is right - writing price of various baby products 3) Tinkle in the pot – putting an object between the legs and dropping it in a pot several meters away as a relay race with the team from each table. All teams go simultaneously. 4) Diaper Derby – Each table team dresses up one representative in a diaper. 5) Candy guessing in a jar 6) Baby naming suggestions 7) Guestbook 8) Pass the pacifier game – Everyone stand up and pass the pacifier around the table. First table to be successful wins. (5-6 minutes). Make sure equivalent numbers of people on the tables. 9) Baby pictures – Match the person with their baby picture. 11) Guess the stuff in the bag – All baby things - participants are blindfolded. 12) ABC alphabet book – Pass around coloured pencils and a few sheets of paper template from an ABC book. People can make the picture that they like. End result will be given to baby. 13) Guess baby due date on calendar. Winner who will have guessed right date upon delivery receives a prize.


Party Helpers

  • Cake Royale

    Cake designer

  • The Host


  • King Valley Golf Club


  • Hidden Treasures Decor

    Decorations and Florist

  • Brar Sweets

    Party Favors

  • Hands in the Attic


  • Strawberry and Hearts


  • Angells Artistry

    Makeup artist and Hairstylist

  • Nina Couture

    Dress designer

  • Dave Abreu Photography



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