Party Recap

With the end of school year it brings with it many schools events and celebrations. My oldest daughters last day of first grade was the same day as my youngest daughter's 3rd birthday. We wanted to celebrate in a sweet and simple way. It just so happened Gryffin's birthday was also on Friday and most Friday night our family goes to LACMA to listen to Jazz in the park. The girls also get a chance to see their friends and ride their scooters or bikes or just run around and have fun.

The idea was to create a theme around something Gryffin loves and she loves strawberries. We had a simple menu of other favorites like strawberry shortcake, cupcakes, popcorn, strawberry gummy treats, strawberry lemonade and of course lots & lots of sliced fresh strawberries. Easy to set up and it was a guarantee to not bring anything home. Here is a small example of our little picnic party.


Party Helpers


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